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Weekly yoga classes.

Weekly classes are taught by Susanne Sturton and Lisa Bedford, who are both certified Iyengar Yoga teachers.
These classes are attended as part of a 5/7 week course and advance booking is required.
Classes are 90 minutes duration (Teen Class is 60 mins).
To avoid overcrowding and to ensure individual tuition, class numbers are limited to 13.
All classes taught in the Iyengar Yoga tradition.

Morning Classes



9.30 - 11.00am  Level I & II – with Lisa Bedford


9.30 - 11.00am  Level II & III – with Susanne Sturton


Evening Classes



8 - 9.30pm  Level I & II with Susanne Sturton


5.00 - 6.00pm  Teenagers Class with Lisa Bedford

6.15 - 7.45pm  Level II & III with Lisa Bedford

8.15 - 9.45pm  Level II & III with Susanne Sturton


7.00 - 8.30pm  Level I & II with Lisa Bedford

Level 1

Beginners. Students new to yoga or the Iyengar method.

Level 2

Continuing beginners with 1-2 years previous experience. Sirsasana (headstand) will be introduced.

Level 3

More experienced students. The basic poses will be refined and some intermediate level poses such as Adho Mukha Vrksasana (full arm balance) will be introduced.

Level 4

Intermediate level students. Intermediate classes are taught by Susanne every 6 weeks (approximately) on Saturday mornings (10.00 - 1pm). These three hour workshops will explore more intermediate level poses such as independent Urdhva Dhanurasana (upward bow) and Sirsasana variations. Please contact us to confirm upcoming dates for these classes.

Contact the centre for information regarding course dates or see our calendar.


5 week course €65
6 week course €75
7 week course €85

Class Outline

An Iyengar yoga class provides a structured and gradual introduction to yoga asanas (poses or postures) which will include standing poses, sitting poses and recuperative poses.

The teacher will show you how to use yoga props such as belts and blocks to help you achieve the postures to the best of your ability.

Students are also introduced to the principals of yoga.

More information

Read our guidance on class attendance and medical information.